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Custom Engraved Products have been making laser engraved products since 2004. We have trademarked our Ornaments as our "TimberCharm" Line and are excited to be consistantly introducing new designs. 

A special thank you to all of our loyal customers who have been with us from the start and WELCOME to all those just Joining our Team!

​If it's not CUSTOM ENGRAVED, its not a real TIMBERCHARM ®

Our Charms are not just Souvenirs or   Christmas Ornaments. We have plenty of theme Specific Designs that will allow you to generate profits in almost any environment, such as weddings, car shows, motorcycle clubs, etc

Let Our Design Team Create A Representation of Landmarks or Attractions

That will Draw your Customers Attention

and Increase your Sales!




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  Our product sells itself and we Firmly Believe that Display Plays a Major roll in the 12 Years of Awesome Success our Ornaments have had! 

Email us for Details and let us prove how effortless your profits can be.





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