Displays like this one are always available. If we provide one for you, it will, like all others be on long term loan and exclusively used for our Product. Can hold up to 40 designs

​It's a dog eat dog world out there in retail. 12 years of experience has tought us many things about pumping up profits and drawing the customer in. 
~First and foremost is a quality product. 
                         ~Secondly is an appropriate retail pricing structure for the customer base you are selling to. 
    ~Lastly and just as importanly is DISPLAY. 
We certainly can provide you with an average run of the mill, store bought display for our product, however if you want to see REAL turnover, give one of our displays a try. 
We are within the top 3 best selling products for 94% of our customers that present  and sell from one of our custom built displays. 
We offer slim, streamlined displays for smaller , tighter spaces. We know every square inch of your retail location is $$, so we build accordingly. 
We also offer bigger, bulkier displays that are guranteed to boost your profits, some have become mini land marks ! 

One of Our Newest and Funnest displays. Burlap Wrap and Wood Pegs give a true Palm Tree look and feel. Small 13 inch footprint. This display spins and is balanced for safety. The palm leaves will be customized for your pricing structure.  Holds 65 Designs.

​We only have 4 left!!!!

Display Samples and Availability 

This Beauty is a one of a kind that has been sailing our TimberCharms for more than 10 years! She's in the shop for maintenance and we can't wait to get her selling ( ahem, sailing again)

Our Rustic Tree Display, Simulated Tree Bark, wooden pegs and Rustic Signage. A bit more beef that our Palm Tree, but no less the conversation Piece. We build these on Demand. Just ask!

Holds 100 designs