Is a stand alone company; Owned, Operated and Managed by DeFalco Enterprises of Flagler, LLC. TimberCharms® is a registered, trademarked product line of Custom Engraved Products. If you are already representing the product as a TimberCharm®, but not through our company, please refer to your supplier and adjust accordingly. We will be happy to work with you if you chose to transition to our Family! Fax us your Order(s) and we will handle the rest.

We Now have a FULL team 

​of Product Representatives!!!    

Custom Engraved Products is always on the lookout for great product reps as well as new Customers. Please keep in Mind, that we honor our Reps territorial districts and do not overlap Reps in duplicate areas. 
We offer competitive commissions with new account incentives as well as Rack placement gratuities.
We prefer experienced Reps, however, we are willing to help you gain that experience. Come Grow with us: 
****All Reps will be required to have a W-9 on file and will receive a 1099 earnings report each year.