We are a Wholesale Manufacturer and Distributor

 •TimberCharms® are a registered trademarked product line of Custom Engraved Products. We are considered to offer the lowest wholesale prices on laser cut ornaments in the US market; we also offer a quick turn around.   

•All of our ornaments are made in house, in Palm Coast, Florida.

•Our design team can create an ornament of just about any landmark, or idea that will sell in your area. We are sure to provide a souvenir that will appeal  to each and every one of your customers. 

•We DO NOT paint our ornaments. One of the distinctive characteristics of a real TimberCharm®is our ability to create a beautiful, natural looking product that possesses color that is created by the natural oils in the wood. We do however use a water based, non toxic stain for the backs of our magnets. 

Wood is our Passion, and we chose to leave the colors to the world of Plastics!

  •We work with product representatives and do not sell from this site, but will be happy to direct you to the nearest retailer; or just give us a call.